Friday, December 31, 2010

My projections.....

So my friends John and Jenny have the timeline right now of DTC then 10 days later they had LID and then 25 days after that it was LOA. (at least I think that's the right numbers!!!). Sooo....I started thinking and am praying for LESS time for us and that we can get this moved along!!! If we are on their timeline though it could very well be LID of 12/31/10 (today!!) and then get our LOA on 1/25/11. That would work out great but would be even better if it was quicker! I'm hoping our LOA is in January so I can send him a birthday package for his 2/15 birthday.
Shopping today I went into Hallmark and found the softest, sweetest Snoopy. He's light blue and brown and is so dang cute I had to buy it. Of course, I turned the corner and found the same one but had to buy both!! I'm thinking I might sleep with JD's for a few nights before I can mail it so hopefully he gets it and there's a scent of his new mama on it. I know he's going to be 9 years old but's soft and cuddly and I think he will love it.

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