Monday, December 20, 2010


So...the weather has been yucky in both Minnesota and Washington (our agency) BUTTTTT....our social worker called and has ALL documents and is planning on our dossier going to China tomorrow....WE ARE DTC!!!!

I'm changing my sidebar but know if there is a glitch...I'll change it back. This is so exciting and really came out of the blue. I wanted it sent by Christmas but really was so sure it wouldn't go until after!

So far I know 2 families that received their LOA within a month of being DTC. Let's pray it goes that fast for us!

happy happy happy happy!

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  1. YAAAAAHHHHOOOOOO! from down here in balmy south Georgia!

    So excited--it's such a relief when that file finally wings it's way across the you can wait some more...but hopefully not long!

    I am trully thrilled for you guys! What a wonderful Christmas you can sit back and rest!

    Congrats from the Clarks!