Thursday, January 6, 2011


It's all quiet on the homefront!! I'm learning a new system for my job so my mind is swirling with that. Plus on Monday I start school so I will be very very busy. BUT...not too busy to keep pacing and waiting for our LOA. I'm praying for speedy turnaround and would love a 2 week timeframe but I know that is very unrealistic but wouldn't that be just awesome?!?!!

Today I need to work (thankfully back at home) and wait for slumberland to deliver our new King size bed! I ordered new bedding on line and that is suppose to come today as well so it's going to be wonderful sleeping tonight....all snuggled in our BIG bed with the doggies!!! LOL

So...I will continue to wait for our LOA and know that when it comes....I'll be screaming with excitement.

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