Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy dance for John and Jenny!!!

Our friends are officially LOA (letter of acceptance) for their next sweet girl! We're right behind them in this process and I hope it goes as smoothly and quickly for us as it did them. They received their LOA within a month of their dossier hitting China!! That is quick quick quick and I so pray we get ours to China and have the same quickness.

John and Jenny traveled with us when we adopted the first time. It's fun to be doing this together again but sad that we wont' travel together. Our girls love their China sister reunions and will be seeing them in February before we all travel again. I can't even imagine our next travel reunion. There will be 5 of us families that are adopting again out of our original 9 or 10 families...that's pretty good odds!

Anyway.....Congrats to Jenny and John...hope you hear about traveling REAL soon to get your new sweet girl. I can't wait to follow your journey and know I'm right behind you.

If I don't post again...Merry Christmas to you all! Be thankful for family and friends and remember the reason for the season is Jesus. Without Him...nothing is possible!


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