Monday, December 13, 2010

We'll have a white Christmas!!

it snowed and snowed and snowed some more this weekend! wowzers....I think I heard somewhere between 14 and 20 inches but not exactly sure.

Colleen and Lia came to visit us from Michigan and I'm not sure if they will want to ever come back. We took the train to Minneapolis in the blizzard and had quite the adventurous day. We had to walk through really high times to my knees. I even lost a shoe and some teenager dug it out for me and Zoe refers to that as "the guy that saved mommy's life"!! We had (not so) wonderful lunchables for our dinner while sitting at a window ledge inside the skyways of Minneapolis. We managed to get on the 7:00 train to head home around 8:00 and it finally left MPLS at about 10:48! We left home at 1:20 and returned about 11:30 so it was a LONG LONG day. We were able to stay warm in the train and had snacks and drinks so it was not too terrible. I was so happy to finally make it home. Sadly, Colleen and Lia left today so now it's back to normal for us.

No news on the adoption front but our paperwork is in Chicago and hopefully their weather is better and employees can make it to work and get my paperwork authenticated so it can makes it's way to our agency.

Only 12 days until Christmas and that means...only 17 until my birthday!! LOL

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  1. My little guys birthday is one day before yours. :)