Monday, November 1, 2010

We have an appt......

Our appointment for our fingerprinting came today! WWHOOOO HOOOOOO!!!! I'm so happy. The appointment is for 11/23 but wanting to try and get in early and so now need to find out when we can! Steve has a bad week this week so may not be able to try until next week. I just wanted to go tomorrow morning but he can't. GRRRRR....I need that patience thing to kick in right about now.

Happy thoughts though and we will get in soon and will post when it happens. We are getting SOOOO close to DTC (dossier to China) that I'm trembling! My goal is to really be DTC by Thanksgiving so we'll see if God's goal is the same!


  1. Oh! That's awesome!!! And I hope you get a chance to go early. I hope you can get your dossier in soon!!!! It's all so exciting!

  2. One step closer...hope you are successful with your fingerprints...

  3. You're moving right along!!!! Our dossier is at the Chinese Consulate. Hope to be DTC in a week or two.