Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting is hard work!

I'm so not patient and this waiting crap for our I800A is not fun. I'm really getting frustrated with the wait...it's been almost 2 weeks since we were fingerprinted and really I thought we would have the results by now. Today would have been our day to actually get fingerprinted so just maybe it will be coming anytime now. With this being the start of Holiday lineups I need to have extra patience!

My goal was dossier to China by Thanksgiving.....so now....it's dossier by Christmas! I was really hoping for an April travel but need to start telling myself it's probably going to be May or even June so that I won't be disappointed in April. God knows the timing so I need to trust Him. I am loving all this little boy stuff again and hope the sizes I'm getting him will fit! I'm finding some great deals though so not spending a fortune but will be able to have a suitcase packed for him with some cute and nice clothes.

praying tomorrow is our I800A day!

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