Saturday, November 13, 2010

new Luggage

Okay China...I can come now, bought new luggage!!

Wouldn't it be great if that's all it took?!?!!? !!! We found a 3 piece set of luggage at Kohls. It was originally $229.99 (yeah right) and on sale for $99.99 and then we had a 30% off so it came to about $69.99! Actually, Steve bought it for me for Christmas!! a bit early but we had a great coupon so...had to do it. I love it and have some of JD's stuff already packed! See, I'm ready to travel!!

I believe we were fingerprinted and then it will generate an I800A which we need for our dossier. I've heard a few differant "reports" that it can come within a week after fingerprints or it could take about 3 weeks! If you want my opinion...I like the less than a week. I'll be watching my mailbox for the next several weeks pretty darn close.


  1. You are too funny! I wish we wcould just pack our suitcase and say, "we're ready". Wouldn't that be nice? Our I800 cam e back in about a week and then everything got sent to our agency, who sent it to the Chinese Councilate in Chicago and who returned it to our agency 3 weeks later and as of yesterday we are DTC!!!!!!!! Hope you are right behind us!

  2. Sorry the mailman isn't bringing you your news....will keep praying it will come this week