Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One to go!

I did my fingerprints this morning and Steve is planning on going this afternoon! I had no troubles getting them done early so hopefully Steve will sail through as well.

Our actual appointment is November 23rd so getting in early is wonderful!! They never even looked at the appointment time and didn't say a word about it so it worked fabulously!! I'm really hoping Steve has the same experience so we're both done and getting that going. I'm really anxious to get our paperwork to China and get closer to traveling to get him. I'm really praying for April travel but will be happy whenever I can go....I'm so not patient.

Steve and I just got back from Vegas and had a great time. We didn't realize how we needed that time to reconnect and just be together without kids interrupting. We were so happy to get home to the kids though and it made me think about being away from Steve and the kids for 2 weeks when I go to China....I will miss them terribly. We went to Vegas with our friends, Colleen and Charlie Hall, and had so much fun with them. They are so easy to be with and it's so effortless to have a good time with them. It was sad to say goodbye but we will see Colleen and Lia in about a month and know that we will see the rest of the family in February.

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