Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great news!!!

When we started our journey there was a $4200 grant associated with our son to help aid in the adoption expenses. I inquired about this last week and was told...oh, we didn't know that and when it got looked in to we found out we mis-read and it's "MAY have a grant UP TO $4200". So the other day we applied with heavy hearts and today I got an email....APPROVED AND FOR THE FULL AMOUNT!!!!!! Thank you Jesus! We are thrilled and so happy and glad we didn't get totally discouraged and moved forward.

So, this week is NOT working for our fingerprints but I'm dealing with that. We are going to Vegas Saturday - Tuesday so our first day to try for them will be next Wednesday. So, pray hard that we get in and not hassled and we can keep this process moving quickly.

Oh, as long as your praying....pray for April travel!

thanks....wooo hoooo!


  1. That is awesome! God always provides when we step out in faith and trust Him!!!

  2. congrats on the grant and hope you have luck in Vegas..It will all happen, continue to remain positive....