Monday, November 22, 2010

Exciting news!

1st off no paperwork yet so that's not the news!

We were trying to work it to bring the boys with as they would be so awesome to help JD with the transition of leaving his "family" and coming to his new family. After MUCH discussion it has been decided that Jake is going to China with us!!! I am sooooo happy with that and can't wait for him to experience another country for 2 weeks and to help with JD's bonding and attachment to us. Joey has decided he's rather stay home as he thinks going to China sounds "boring". BORING?!?! are you kidding me child?!!?!? We are not bringing Zoe as we just don't feel she's ready for that big of a trip and with Steve not going she'd be soooo clingy with me and it would be hard to get JD to bond/attach and get comfortable with us. Zoe is so stubborn and such a mama's girl that we feel she's better off at home with Steve and Joey and keeping her normal routine. When I talk about going to China she is good with it and we never say "wish you could go" or letting her even think that is a possibility so she will be fine with her daddy!!

So, today we will apply for Jake's passport. He has a passport card that we got for the cruise but that is only good for land/sea and NOT for China!! I just want to get going so still praying for April travel!!
oh and the picture is from Jake's birthday last October but it's what I had available to add!


  1. That is so awesome. It will be nice for you to have someone there when you need the 5 minutes or so breaks...How exciting.

  2. His application will come through my office - FUN! :) What wonderful news - and a great idea for bonding!

    Love ya and miss you tons!