Thursday, November 25, 2010

a true Thankful Thursday!

So many people do "thankful Thursday" blogs and every Thursday they write something they are thankful for. Well, today being Thanksgiving makes that a true thankful Thursday I guess!!

I'm of course thankful for my husband as he is truly my better half! We just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this month and I do believe each day gets better with him. Oh don't get me wrong....he can really DRIVE ME NUTS but overall....I'm so in love with him and am happy to report that I KNOW he's in love with me! Who could ask for more!

I'm thankful for my children! Our 3 kids at home have mostly been joys to raise and watch grow. They too can DRIVE ME NUTS! but I do admit that most days they are wonderful. We can't wait to get our 4th kiddo home so we can be complete. Funny....when we brought Zoe home I thought we were complete but was wrong, we need JD home for that.

I am also thankful for our extended families. I would be lost without being able to talk to my mom and sister every day! I love that they "get" me and still kinda like me!! Family is by far the most important thing to me and I thank God he gave me mine. I'm also lucky that I was blessed with great in-laws and enjoy being with them.

We have the love a joy of knowing God, we both have jobs, we have a house, we have love and healthy, happy is good on this Thanksgiving Thursday and I'm one thankful Mama/Wife!

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