Monday, February 28, 2011


According to my sister....we leave in 6 weeks (Saturday) to get JD. it but that would be a long shot!

This past weekend my mom jumped into the freezing cold lake to do the polar plunge for special Olympics. It was her 3rd year and so she's a pro by now! I'm thinking next year I just may try and join her! BRRRRRR.....but it's for a good cause. As I thought about this past weekend it dawned on me....I will have my very own special Olympic! With JD's dwarfism he's limited in some ways but really, will have a normal life just like any other person. He will always have to make some amends like a stool by counters, sinks and to reach things or to have a reaching stick to be able to get things that are just too high. But really....I cannot wait to see who this young man is going to be. I'm praying for a happy, healthy and well adjusted person. I'm so happy he can be anything he wants to be in life and will not always be labeled as the "short one". In China they don't look too fondly on people with disabilities but in America he can be all he wants to be. Oh, he'll still be stared at, possibly laughed at and have to work a bit harder to show who he is but ya know....I feel he's going to be something important! The first important thing will be for him to be a member of our LUCKY are we?!?!!? I am so blessed and honored that God has chosen him for us and cannot wait to meet him.

yikes...I rambled a bit, sorry! I'm getting so anxious to meet him, hug him and just know him and can't wait!!

Singing off as the proud mom of JD! (oh yea and Jake, Joey and Zoe too!!!)

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