Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday celebrations......

It's so nice to have our LOA and know we can send JD stuff! We sent him a package which I believe I blogged about and then sent a cake through Ann at redthread. It's quite spendy to do but I wanted to reach out someone and let him know we're thinking of him. I was delighted to get pictures back from his "birthday party". Hi birthday was 2/15 and he didn't get his cake until at least a week or 2 later. With Chinese New Year and Valentines, the places that deliver cake were too swamped and we knew it would be late. It's quite the fancy looking cake! Not sure about all that yellow frosting and the fruit but the kids in the pictures seemed to enjoy it so that is all that counts!
He looked so happy handing out cake to his friends and little treats that came with it. I really want to post pictures but I'm so afraid as my agency has said it's frowned upon and I don't want any issues right now that would result in a delay or worse! I can email them let me know if you'd like to see them! (I just can't post them on public sites).

The wait is hard....but will be so worth it! Right now Zoe is helping me wash his new clothes and underwear and then I'll put them in his dresser until it's time to pack.

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  1. Ann at Red Thread is awesome; and it may be pricey, but she's way cheaper than any others I've seen.