Monday, February 21, 2011

We interrupt this adoption for a snow day!

That's Jakes car a bit buried! and then the aftermath of outside life!! Laying in the snow is so fun!!!

Well...surprise, it has snowed in Minnesota!! I can't believe how much snow we've already gotten this year and's snowing some more! I went to try and snowblow the driveway but couldn't get it started and shoveling was too hard!!! it's so thick and heavy. When Steve came home we both went out and it was so nice out....I gotta say, it was really fun.

Here's a few shots of today. Oh and on the adoption front, still waiting ( I know...shock) and I had a cake and stuff sent for JD. I'm praying he gets the stuff we've sent him and can enjoy the cake. It's late for his birthday but by the time I was given the okay to send something to him it was too late for a cake. Being his birthday is the day after Valentines day it was too busy and they couldn't do it until this week. It all works out in the end though...right?!?!!?

Still praying for speedy times!

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