Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Package sent

I finally got a package sent off for JD. I was told only a padded envelope as boxes aren't guarenteed to get to him. I sent him pictures of all of us and the house, a disposable camera, a couple matchbox cars, pens and a notebook (he seems to love them), candy, a Vikings hat and a note telling him how we can't wait for him to be in our family and told him all about us. When I mailed it they said it would take about 8 days to get to China. I'm hoping the orphanage brings it to his foster family so he can have his things and see our pictures.

Next thing is I want to send a cake but when he's in foster care I'm not sure how that works. I will investigate! It's fun to do things though as we wait and I"m hoping the time will go by quickly.

1 comment:

  1. How great that you can now send some stuff to him. It will be good for him to have your photos and those things to introduce him to yourselves as you have already been introduced to him through photos and his file.