Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling anxious....

as we are waiting for our PA (pre-approval). This process is all so new to me but we sent in our financial and medical info and then it went to China. They look it over and make a decision if we can adopt this little boy or not. It sounds so scary doesn't it? I mean...if they don't like what they see...buh-bye. I'm so wanting to be his mother but know that if we get turned down it just means that God has other plans and it's not having him added to our family. I just want to make that official announcement and get the excitement out there!! I'm sure many will think we're nuts but also happy for us.

This past weekend we went to Tennessee for a reunion with the families we traveled with to China to get Zoe. It was an amazing time and I did share with them our news of adoption and all were excited and said they saw his post and how darn cute he is!! I agree of course! We had 9 families vacationing together (43 of us in all!!) and 2 of them already added again to their families with adopting. One family added a 13 year old girl from Ethiopia and she is absolutely gorgeous! and then another just got home a few weeks ago with the most adorable little 2 1/2 year old boy from China! There are 3 of us that are starting the process to adopt from China again. It's fun to talk to the others about this as we all "get it". We will be relying on them through the very long paper stage and the waiting for all our stuff to be approved and then finally travel! I just want him sooooooo bad!!!! to a date with my dear hubby!

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