Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm already nervous...

I can't believe we haven't even really started the process and I'm already a bundle of nerves! I mean...part of me knows if this isn't going through it's really not meant to be and God has another family for him. BBBBUUUUTTTTTTT.......I don't want that to happen!!! I want him in our family and it's scary the crap out of me that we could very well get turned down from China about him. I know I need to have faith and trust in God but darn...that's sometimes so tough! We have to fill out a pre-approval sheet for China with all our income, debt, and medical histories. That's really really hard to do as this economy has changed our income a bit and of course we have NO equity in our home! It's so easy to say...I need to get my paperwork in and trust in the Lord and know it's all in His hands's hard when you start to really really want this sweet boy and will be devastated if he's not meant to be in our family. Plus I want to shout it from the rooftops and let you all in on this! share in our joy (or call us crazy!!!).

So for now....I will keep this blog to myself and pray that soon I will be sharing it will all to read!

pray pray pray!

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