Saturday, July 17, 2010

If it's God's plan......

....we will be bringing another child home from China!! I'm so very excited to start this journey and be able to hopefully add another son to our family. We have a LONG journey of paperwork, jumping through hoops and waiting ahead of us but I do feel we are led to this little boy. We can't post picture until our agency okays it as he's technically not ours. I can tell you one thing....he's DARN cute!

Let me start at the beginning....

On our previous adoption chat room there is a wonderful lady, Karin, who is a big advocate for getting older kids with disabilities a family. On September 28, 2009 she sent a picture of Qing Qing and asked if anybody out there was his family. He really touched my heart at that time but I knew we weren't adopting again so dismissed the feelings and went on with life. WEEELLLLLL....I started really thinking of him again and on July 11, 2010 I just needed to know if he was matched with a family yet. We found out he was NOT matched yet and I just knew we needed to pursue this. I talked to Steve and after many discussions ( keeping on asking!!!) we decided to go for it. We need to get approved from the agency first and then approved from China before it's official though so it just may not happen. I do feel God has placed him on my heart for a reason and hoping that reason is that he is to be our son.

So....He is named Qing Qing right now and I think we may name him James Douglas. He was born 2/15/02 and has dwarfism. We don't have much information on this but are willing to learn and pray we can give him the life he deserves.

The boys are excited about this and we haven't really told Zoe as she doesn't understand time frames and will frankly drive me insane asking every 5 minutes if it's time!!

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