Monday, August 16, 2010

Where we're at

Well we've been in touch with our new adoption agency called WACAP and they are out of Seattle, Washington so....needless to say we do lots by email and phone! We had to get a differant agency that is local to do our homestudy though as we need to be able to meet with the social worker and have them in our state. We did find a place in Edina so that isn't so bad and they sound very nice.

We have a HUGE HUGE pile of papers so that is way fun! (hear the sarcasm?!?!). We also have been in touch with the local LPA (little people of America) and it sounds like a great organization. I'm feeling a bit more closer even though we have a long way to go.

So...where is our son located? He's in Kaifeng in the Henen provence. I figured we'd travel around June and guess what??!?! great news.....that's the rainiest month there!!! yippee! sounds fun. I put a map up so you all can just see for yourself where it's at! Rain or no rain I just want to get there and get him and bring him on home!

As far as I can tell from his paperwork I believe he's in foster care. He has not been to school but has a small group of kids that get tutored together so he's getting some type of education. He will be turning 9 years old in February and I just don't know what "age" he'll be like when we get him. He's got a great smile and it says he is wonderful with other kids and when someone enters the room he's in he talks NON-STOP! It will be fun to see him in a family setting and learning to rely on a mom and dad and have siblings that dote on him and yes....fight with him!!! to do more paperwork!

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  1. Soo excited to follow your journey! Are you officially locked in now????