Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Tomorrow is our first homestudy and my house is a MESS! ugh! I hate that and will need to clean clean clean tonight!

Today my sister came over and sat down with all my paperwork and told me what to do! She's great at organizing (and being bossy) and I sooooo appreciate all she's doing to help me out. I think we have it all figured out and will be able to get our dossier in order pretty easily. It's so nice to have the extra eyes and hands to get it all straightened out.

Today on my to do list was make our doctors appointments (done) get fingerprinted for the Adam Walsh thingy (done) and get Steve to sign some forms (done done and done). It's a great feeling to see some progress and I have to do another huge thank you to Sue!! love you sister!!!

Now...off to clean so we won't be rejected right away!


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