Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Visa time!

We now can send for our Chinese Visa's to be able to travel to China!! I get so excited with each step and then it's funny cuz everyone says "so when do you travel?" or "what does that mean?". I always feel foolish saying we still are witing to travel but we need to get through each of these steps in order to be able to travel to get him!

Soo....now I send $140 per visa (there's 3 of us) and then pay a courier (don't know how much they are yet). That's the sucky part of adoption is the expense of everything.

As we get closer I'm thinking of possibly sending JD another cake or something to let him know we are coming and hopefully explain a bit more about adoption and giving him the heads up about coming to live with us. I'm so sad for him to leave behind all he knows but I do know he will be loved, well cared for and a HUGE part of our family so that is a great thing. He will have so many opportunities in America vs. China that I know we're doing what's best for him.

anyway....off to fill out these visa paperwork and get that going!!!

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  1. every step no matter how small makes you a step closer.....keep checking them off.