Monday, January 24, 2011

paperwork...paperwork...and more paperwork!

I'm in the paperwork stage again and have to say....loving it!!!

So we got a big packet in the mail from our agency today with lots to do. I'm thinking it's filing for the I800 but then again I think I'm not too understanding of the process here! Here's what we have:
child info...nothing new, he still has dwarfism
photos...ones we've already seen, but still so darn cute
agreement for referral acceptance....ummmmm, yah...duh, we will take him
person letter of acceptance ...We promise to love him and give him all we can
childs medical and family background report family history (sad face)
I800, I864 and DS 230 clue
vaccine happy they changed this, we can get his titers first and see what he needs
acknowledgement and release of liability for travel (smile)
child info confidentiality agreement....meaning, we can't post pictures yet
and of course the billing statement!!! LOL...this time we owe nothing...WOOOHOOO

So that is the gyst of what's going on. We had to get some notorized and then others just signed and hopefully we can get this sent back tomorrrow or Wednesday at the latest. We are still waiting on the LOA but it's nice to have some paperwork moving let us remember we're soooo close

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