Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I hate waiting

why does adoption have to be so hard! First your running around like mad to get your paperwork in then you wait. Then things start rolling again so your rushing again only to have to wait some more. And you'll be rushing and waiting and rushing and waiting again!!!

So....I'm in the waiting stage right now. I'm waiting for our I800a to come so they allow us to get fingerprinted and waiting on my packet from Chicago to arrive so I can send it to our agency in Washington. I keep checking my computer even though it's not going to give me any info. I just need to wait for the info to come in the mail but since the mail already came today....I check my computer! dumb I know...but it's what I do.

Good news is we're going to Vegas in a couple weeks so that will be a nice little distraction and hoping we can get fingerprinted before we leave. But if not, it's something to look forward to when we come home.


  1. OH! How I hate the waiting!!! :)

  2. This blog title made me chuckle---I SOOOO remember writing a post with the exact same title! "hurry up and wait!" was my adoption motto---you'll do it even when you finally GET to China. argh! I'm with you in spirit, my friend. Just think--when the weather warms back up- it will almost be time to go get him!!! That's just one season from now!!!