Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy dance is starting.....

I'm feeling the happy dance today! Our homestudy is pretty much done and APPROVED!! Our SW just has some minor tweaking with some spelling and it's done done done! We are going to be sending our paperwork next to Chicago to the Conselate General of the People's Republic of China!! Doesn't that just sound so official? Well it should since it's going to cost over $200 for them to authenticate our documents! I keep thinking...all worth's all worth it! The great news is though is once we get this back I do believe we will be sending our dossier to China so it's that close!

I'm not quite sure of our timeframe though but keep praying we go between June/July and not any later than that!! Earlier is fine...but NOT later.

I'm not sure when I'm allowed to post his photo but itching to do that as well.

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